Controlled by a computer…

09 Sep

My work is a charade. One that feigns compassion, understanding and knowledge to mask the ever growing dependency on technology. I would go as far as saying that my job requires minimal human input and thought. Step by step instructions are laid out before each one of us and yes it works very well and achieves what it needs to. I guess it’s the personal touch that customers require from their provider. They want to feel like they’re being listened to, and that their problem is the centre of that persons work until it’s resolved. In actual fact, they are on a production line, one after the other, each controlled by a number of measures and statistics aimed at getting them where they want to be as fast as possible. Again, not a problem in that sense, but a façade.

All jobs have a remit, an area of … I want to say expertise, but I feel that’s over-selling the skill involved, especially where certain positions come in, so instead I’m going to say concern. Anything beyond this area of concern is deemed unimportant and effectively somebody else’s problem. From a business perspective, it does make sense and I am not knocking it. However I feel I am being forced to be somebody I am not and it is not sitting well with me. Alas, this is the world we live in and I complacently operate within my area of concern. Everything I do, I try to achieve satisfaction in, especially on a personal level, but for everyone involved. I hate telling people I cannot help them, it’s a huge pet-peeve of mine, especially when I can, but I am not allowed due to job description. Creative freedom is not a part of the criteria, unfortunately.

Coming up at work is a chance to advance. To give advice and guidance to those giving advice and guidance to the customer. When I first started, I stated I would become a coach quickly. I know my stuff and already excel (at least in my own mind) at giving people answers. But between then and now, my goals have shifted slightly. I don’t feel it would be appropriate for me to give advice to my peers, like I know more than them. It’s simply not true. The fact is, the system we use does all the work, free-thinking isn’t really advocated and deviating from the script is a no no. I suspect the new placement would follow the same guidelines but with added pressure, and it doesn’t interest me. So for now I’m happy to remain compliant, improve on my situation and stats and go from there.

I’m not sure what I wanted to get at with this. I know there is more I want to write about, but to be honest, just putting that down onto a page has drained my motivation for this article.

Anthony – Controlled by a computer.

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